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In the serene scenic land of Malvan, Surekha and Nitin Walke decided to set up a home-based eatery close to three decades back. Today Chaitanya has marked its presence in Mumbai with 2 branches. While the kitchens at Chaitanya are modern in their outlook, the recipes are ancient and have withstood the test of time.

The Malvani cuisine is the perfect medley of taste and tradition - it makes for a balanced meal and a delicious combination that’s totally Malvani heart!

We take the endeavour and pride to be able to provide these unchanged flavours of Maharashtrian Coastal Cuisine.
We look forward to delighting you!

Nav Chaitanya is a unit of the Misho Foods.

Nitin Walke & Surekha Walke

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The etymology of the term Malvan, stems from the Marathi term Maadbun, an allusion to the coconut palm rows that dot the salt-pan region of Maharashtra's southern coast.

Malvan as we call it today, is a disambiguation of the archaic term that was used to denote this patch of the seaside with swaying and whistling palms...



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